My work is an outgrowth of my subconscious: automatic, abstract, calligraphic mark-making.
My style has always been linear in nature and energetic, the latter being a general expression of my personality. I have been influenced by such artists as Mark Tobey and Jackson Pollock. Additionally, mark-making has been quite important to me in reference to the calligraphic writings from the middle and far eastern countries.

This writing has marked a change in diversity through language, such as text and numbers. I use mathematical equations to create a secret language. The mathematics does not conform to an actual equation, but reference a dialog beyond that of the spoken word. Organic shapes mimic calligraphic text and geometric shapes reference stenciled imagery.

I want my art to represent a universal visual language that can be experienced and interpreted according to one’s mood. By using language as a visual element, the viewers find themselves trying to decode the meaning to understand the image, creating a kind of dialog, leading them through the entire picture plane with no end and no beginning.

In addition to these aesthetic elements, I search for an intimate and personal expression that is a metaphor of myself. Through a systematic order of visual and conceptual exploration, I indicate perpetual uncertainty. By using this structure, it forces the viewer to be embodied by the visual impact of the work. It simply connects through an emotional, mental, and physical arrangement of intuitive lines created through automatic writing.